EFRAG: Technical Manager with IFRS experience

EFRAG is looking for a technical manager with IFRS experience to join our financial reporting team  on a full time basis. ​

Applications should be sent by 15 October 2021.


Joining EFRAG represents a unique opportunity to acquire or develop further insider knowledge and understanding of the standards that are being developed by the IASB and which are due to be implemented by European companies.

Working at EFRAG means working in multi-cultural teams. Working at EFRAG will also give you the opportunity to discuss IFRS issues at the highest level: with European experts and IASB representatives. Working at EFRAG will allow you to become a real IFRS expert in a range of topics beneficial for your future career.

EFRAG is open to different levels of experience and seniority of candidates with as minimum manager level. Candidates should move to Brussels and work in EFRAG’s offices.

EFRAG welcomes applications under an employment contract or secondments. The secondments are for a period of two years (a different length can be discussed). We expect candidates to have a professional knowledge of IFRS Standards, be fluent in English and have good writing skills.

Further information can be obtained from and applications should be sent to Saskia Slomp, EFRAG CEO, using [email protected] or Saskia.slomp@efrag by 15 October 2021.